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Guide to the correct and incorrect use of double comparatives in English Double comparatives with ' more ' and 'less' can be used with. One of my cousins, my aunty's son, who is studying in 5th standard, wanted me to teach how to use " the more " in sentences. Comparison and contrast are expressed by the use of the the with comparative (NOT The more it is adventurous, the more I like it.).


How to use any more, any longer and no longer in English The corresponding Merriam-Webster entry reads as follows:. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2. The better The longer The fewer I waited, the more furious I got. Can I use it.?! Here are only some of the various possible syntactical structures:.

How to use the more the more - Fantasy IV:

The more correct the early stages of training, the less chance there is of things going wrong. The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers. Hi teachers, Thanks a lot for your explanation. Belgium Belgium - French. The reverse is not necessarily equivalent: The higher they rise, the more they benefit. The less The fewer The more candidates there were, the more difficult the exam was.